“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”  “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have

Yes, very cliché, yet very true.

There was a time when you could walk into a hardware
store, basically sign your name, plunk down your money, and walk out with the
firearm of your choice.  You could even
order through the mail.  Send off a check
and in four to six weeks the friendly postal employee would deliver a gun to
your door.  Where have those good ol’
days gone?

And before the gun control act of 1934 you could even
own a fully automatic Thompson sub-machine gun.
A law aimed at the bootleggers and other gangsters of Prohibition; which,
incidentally ended in 1933.  And as a
side note, who created those gangsters?
Why, the government, of course, when they took away the people’s right
to choose to indulge in alcoholic beverages.
They created the problem by telling us they knew better than us then
exacerbated the situation by infringing on our Second Amendment rights.

Even then they weren’t going to “let a good crisis go
to waste”.

Without the capability of self-defense we just might
be victimized in most horrible ways.
Even with a good defense we may lose, but at least we tried.  The Police can’t be everywhere at once and,
amazingly enough, are under no obligation to protect individual citizens, just
the population at large.  Unfortunately
for the victim, all too often the Police arrive after the fact to put up the
yellow tape and gather evidence.

It’s a sad fact of society that there are predators
looking for prey.  Just as in nature, the
lion doesn’t go after the biggest, baddest water buffalo.  She picks out the young and weak or the old
and infirm.

Defense can be any number of things.  Speed to get away.  A baseball bat.  Knowledge of martial arts.  The ability to read a situation, i.e., being
“situationally” aware and avoiding possible threats.  Having a gun and knowing how to use it in a
most responsible manner.

There’s an old line, “God made man, Sam Colt made them
equal.”  A firearm definitely levels the
playing field.  A slight, five foot tall
woman generally doesn’t have a good chance when confronted by a six foot tall
attacker bent on mayhem.  Her gun is the
great equalizer.  Predators are evil
people, but they’re not always that stupid.
They want what they want with the least amount of resistance.  Displaying an offensive defense is quite
often the only option.  Refusing to be
victimized, and having that mindset before anything happens, helps in surviving
the trials and travails of everyday life.
A sad fact, indeed.

Some deride gun ownership based on emotion and a
feeling that guns are scary.  Guns aren’t
scary.  A gun is the same as any
inanimate object.  In the wrong hands,
fear the handler.  Cars don’t kill people
but drunk drivers sure do.  Should we
outlaw the automobile?

The trouble with guns is that too many people come at
the topic with an emotional, rather than logical, or constitutional slant.  A gun is both toy and tool.  A toy when you’re out at the range
plinking.  A tool when you’re defending
hearth and home or bringing meat for the dinner table.

The anti-gun crowd always likes to put forth the
argument that they aren’t trying to legislate away the rights of the
hunters.  Hunting rifles, they say, are
ok because they bring in food for the family.
This is a thin and specious argument.
They also argue, out of the other side of their mouths, and in different
company, that there is no need to hunt.
The grocery store has all the meat you could possibly want.  Oh my, don’t kill Bambi.

The pro-gun, pro-hunting, pro-freedom,
pro-Constitution, anti-wuss crowd contends, and rightly so, that the Second
Amendment has nothing to do with hunting and everything to do with self-preservation.

When our Founders decided on the wording of the Second
Amendment they were embroiled with revolution against an all-powerful,
tyrannical King.  A King who wanted
subjects, not citizens.  Forever beware
of a government that fears an armed civilian population.  Arms equal power.  Disarmament equals subjugation.

In early America, it was actually stated in law that
you were to be armed.  Fines were imposed
on those that were without working weapons.
Some may argue that these laws were from the 16 and 1700’s and,
therefore, so old that they are no longer relevant.  Why, they didn’t even have electricity or the
internet then.  And to make a law that
stated you must come to public meetings and church with your firearm?  These people must’ve been crazy.  Ok, you can have your gun, so long as it is
of the period of the Constitution.  A single
shot musket.

To answer such silly arguments is painful.  Let’s take the argument a step further.  You want to take away my Second Amendment
rights, or hinder them to the point of outlawing all firearms except those that
were available at the time of the ratification of the Bill of Rights?  All righty, then.  Let’s also limit the First Amendment rights
to an eighteenth century mindset.
Freedom of speech is limited to newspapers, handbills, pamphlets, and
some folks standing on soap boxes speechifying what they believe; careful, that
may include speech of religion and Christianity.  TV, radio and the internet are to be strictly
controlled by whatever regime is in power in Washington.

And while we’re at it, heck, the Bible is even older
than the dusty old Constitution; let’s revoke any talk of that, too.  Well, that may be tough to do, even with the
ACLU, it is the printed word that was available way back then in those
unenlightened olden times.

Can ya sense the sarcasm?

Too many of the liberal way of thinking see a gun and
automatically associate it with bad things happening.  They read too many liberal newspapers, watch
too much liberal network news, gather with like-minded types and work each
other into a frenzy over the horrible gun problem.

Those conservative or libertarian types see it in a
different way.  They tend to view a gun
the same as they do many other tools or toys.
Helpful if there’s an intruder in your house in the middle of the night
and the only phone is in the room the bad guy’s in, but the gun’s close at hand
and the police are ten minutes away, minimum.

But, what if the intruder has a gun of his own?  Keep the lights off.  You know your home better than he.  And how do you know he has a gun?  Rack a shotgun shell into the chamber and if
he doesn’t run at the sound of that then he’s either deaf or stupid.

The anti-gun crowd argues that if this or that law
saves only one life it’ll be worth it.
It could be said, or theorized, that most anti-gun laws have cost lives,
not saved them.  Take, for instance, the
woman with a restraining order against an abusive ex-boyfriend/husband.  What if he returns with malice on his
mind?  Is she going to wave a piece of
paper at him?  He’ll laugh at her and do
whatever he pleases.  What if she met him
with a snub nosed .38?  Hopefully, he’ll
flee without a shot being fired.

This exact type of case has happened.  The woman, however, was waiting the requisite
days long waiting period.  The ex was
not.  She died with nothing but a
restraining order.

If it costs only one life, is this law worth it?

The studies indicate that defensive firearm usage is
in the hundreds of thousands to low millions every year; most of which without
a shot being fired.  Stating you have a
gun or the bad guy hearing a gun being cocked is quite often enough to send him
in the other direction.

Unfortunately there will always be dishonest,
disrespectful, irresponsible, crazy people.
No one is saying felons and maniacs should have guns.  But, short of a total government takeover of
everything, including the health care industry so they can track everyone,
there is not going to be complete peace with regards to any kind of tool or
toy.  And even with total government
takeover there will still be mayhem.
It’s impossible to stop all violence.
It’s best to be prepared to protect you and yours.

Sans guns people will kill the old fashioned way, like
before gun powder was invented.  Sticks
and stones.  And if no gun is available
it doesn’t take a genius to fashion a Molotov cocktail.  Should we outlaw gas?

The crux of it all is in your belief system.  Do you believe in the Founders of this once
great country?  Do you want to trade
freedom and liberty for the security of a cradle to grave government system that
will undoubtedly stifle individualism and promote a sheep like following of the
great leader?  Gun control is like
that.  Look at history.  A disarmed population can rightfully be
called subjects.  A free people, with
little government intervention, able to enjoy the God given rights of self-preservation,
can be called citizens.

Are you a citizen or a subject?


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