Medical insurance

We need to be insured.
Car, life, fire, flood, home, medical, dental, vision, etc.
With the money most of us
have spent on insurance, we could own a villa on some lovely beach.  That is to say, most of us haven’t had to make
major claims.  But those of us who have
had major setbacks and had to deal with catastrophes are darned lucky if we had
the proper insurance.

It’s still a struggle.
Insurance companies love to cash our checks, but if we file a claim they
too often hem and haw and delay reimbursement.
Nobody wants to accept responsibility.
Nobody wants to pay.  We need to
actually read the contracts.  And how
many of us do that?  We trust our agent.  Who is that agent working for, you or the
insurance company?

But if you have a proper claim, you will be paid.  Unfortunately, it may take a team of lawyers
who gobble up most of your settlement, but you will be paid.

But what happens if you have no insurance?  And, why do you have no insurance?  Are you too poor to afford it?  Are you young and invulnerable to anything
bad happening to you?  Are you
irresponsible?  Are you selfish?  Are you apathetic?  Are you part of the entitlement crowd who
believe society owes you something?

Or are you someone who just hopes against hope that
nothing bad will happen to you?  Are you
responsible?  If you have a medical
emergency and are uninsured, what will you do?
Well, you’ll go to the emergency room, of course.  When you, or the person speaking for you,
tell the desk that you have no insurance, what’s going to happen?  You’re going to be treated in the order of
triage.  Citizen or not, that’s the
law.  And that’s why so many hospitals
and emergency rooms are closing their doors; there’s no money left because
irresponsible people take advantage of the system and don’t care who pays for

But, if you’re uninsured, for whatever reason, yet a
responsible citizen, you’ll take the treatment and work out a payment
schedule.  It may take you years to pay
off the expenses, but you believe in doing the right thing and paying your

Unfortunately, the gimme crowd thinks they have a
right to their treatment without paying.
They have no concept of the burden they’re putting on others; society at
large.  It is a selfish attitude.

Another unfortunate fact of life is that the Obama
administration is giving us (forcing on us) “free”, or nationalized, medical
care for everyone.  I’ve read the
Constitution a few times and I haven’t seen anything in there about taking my
money to pay for anyone’s medical care.  Hopefully, the Supreme Court will strike this down.

This goes way beyond the General Welfare clause.  This is specifically taking money from
someone who has it and giving it to someone who doesn’t.  It’s forcing us to buy something.  Is nationalized auto insurance next?

What happens when the have-nots outnumber the haves
and the system is set up in such a manner that the haves pay for
everything?  Anarchy ensues.  Everyone, the country, goes broke.

I’m afraid to say it, but this may be the goal of
Obama.  If things get really ugly, he can
come in and declare martial law and take over everything.

The government has no right to be in the medical
insurance business.  People like Michael
Moore claim passionately that we need to take care of those in need.  Yes, we do.
It’s the Christian thing to do.
It should be done as a freewill gift to others less fortunate than
ourselves.  It is wrong to make laws
forcing the people to pay through taxation for those who may or may not be able
to help themselves.


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