The buzz about Weiner’s wiener

If you’re not sure, yes, there is sarcasm, innuendo and satire
contained herein.  How could there not

Rep. Weiner at first claimed his twitter was hacked.  And can’t that be a painful thing, in the
wrong hands?  But as of today, June 6,
2011, D-Day for Peter’s sake, the now feckless photog is claiming he lied about
his previous claim.  Makes one wonder
what the current “D” in D-Day stands for.
Clearly, a slap in the face to all the heroes of “The Longest Day”.  What they were slapped with?  Don’t get me started.

Such a lie needs to be investigated by the F.B.I.  Embarrassment is one thing, but he needed to,
pardon the phrase, man up immediately about what was happening.  To claim a hack of a government official is a
serious situation.  Cyber security is of
national security interest.  Lying about
such a matter, regardless of the delicateness of the matter, needs to be

It’s been days since the story broke and early reports are often
modified to reflect a more complete assessment of the situation, but this is
hard news and the story keeps growing.
It’s not an economy or war situation story but it does deal with the all
too often indiscretions of our representatives.  The voters can judge for themselves the
ethics, morals, and choices.  Rep. Weiner
should have resigned immediately, and it is more than theory to wonder how the
Democrats would treat a Republican caught in such a scandal.  There would be howls for resignation.  However, when Republicans are caught in such
compromising situations, they generally have the good sense to bow out and

Will there be more to this story?  Who knows?
We had Wikileaks.  Will we have

Will the Congressman’s member, excuse me, the member of
Congress, do the right thing and tuck his, uh, tail between his legs and resign
for the good of his party?

Democrat or Republican, too often these folks who go into
politics are type A+ personalities who believe they’re made of Teflon and
nothing will stick to them.  Rep. Weiner’s
indiscretions are sticky.  He needs to
hang his head low, resign, and ask for forgiveness in a sincere manner.

Is it true that he won’t be indicted for two reasons?  The first is that prosecutors were afraid it
wouldn’t stand up in court and the second is that the lead prosecutor’s name is
Oscar Meyer and he claimed a conflict of interest?

The good news for Rep. Weiner is that the rumor mill is claiming
Michael Jordan wants to recruit him for the next Hanes underwear commercial.


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