The Rebel Flag (or, The Battle Flag of the C.S.A.)

The Rebel Flag (or, The Battle Flag of the C.S.A.).
The Rebel flag is a beautiful American flag. The majority of those who carried it in battle never owned a slave. The flag was taken and used in an inappropriate manner by the likes of the KKK and other hate groups.
There’s no denying American racism. It’s been said that the Southerner’s hated the black race but could forge strong friendships with black individuals; the Northerner’s believed that blacks should be free and treated equally, just so long as they didn’t have to do it.
President Lincoln, no hero to the South, took the Declaration of Independence at its word that “all men are created equal.” He also contemplated schemes to repatriate the black population to anywhere but here. Does that make him a horrible, white racist, or just a man of his times? His goal was the preservation of the Union, at any cost.
More blacks have been oppressed under the U.S. flag than the Rebel flag. Anybody and everybody have been oppressed more under the U.S. flag than the Rebel flag. It is true that sometimes the oppressors were carrying both flags.
Should we show the same disrespect to the U.S. flag as has been inflicted on the Rebel flag? Hell no. Both flags are beautiful and wonderful testaments to our country. Both are historical. Both represent God fearing Patriots. Have atrocities been conducted under each flag? Yes. Does that mean we ignore the good that has been performed in defense of each? No.
We must not ignore the history and majesty and honor of those who carried that Rebel battle flag. We must not erase them from history. We must learn from our history. Embrace our history. Take our history as it is – warts and all.
Here, in the year of our Lord, 2011, we may need to recall that battle flag to duty to help save our liberty and freedom (our American birthright) from the grasp of everything socialist that the current regime in Washington is trying to inflict upon us. I’m not advocating violent revolution, but a real hope and change for the better, won at the ballot box, just as the socialist hope and change was won during the last presidential election. What were you Obama voters thinking?
As it was thought by the South during the War Between the States, we are being attacked by our own federal government. Many states are now working for the recognition of the Tenth Amendment. States’ rights, to some, were the impetus of the Civil War; however, looking at some of the facts of that era, and especially the thoughts of the Governors of North Carolina and Georgia, one should find that secession from the Confederate States would pose quite a problem. (See (State Rights in the Confederacy.))
Were they fighting for the right of their state, or states in confederation, against assumed Federal, and eventually Confederate, tyranny, or just the right to hold another human in bondage? Slavery was such a part of the southern economy that without it that economy probably would have collapsed.
Does America’s black population of today have a good case for trying to eradicate the Rebel flag from sight? Short answer: yes and no. True, the flag was used to keep and promote the Southern cause during the war, and beyond; that cause included slavery and inequality. To rend it from every state flag, to remove it from every flagpole, is to hide from our own history. Not knowing history, as the saying goes, is the best way for it to repeat itself.
(And what political party dominated, and still dominates, the thought that blacks need to be taken care of? The Democrats. Republicans get a bad rap, possibly due to a bad marketing strategy, because they, in theory, believe people should rise to their ability. All people, all citizens. Democrats found that if they placate the blacks and treat them like children and victims and promise them food, clothing, shelter, and money, then the votes would come pouring in at election time.
Strom Thurmond, a Democrat, holds the record for the longest filibuster in history (24 hours, 18 minutes). A filibuster against what? The Civil rights act of 1957. President at that time? Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower, Republican. His Vice President? None other than Richard Nixon. The bill passed.)
That doesn’t suggest we will return to black slavery, but a fear that we may let, through the ballot box, a group of anti-constitutional representatives and leaders gather in Washington, D.C. to plot our demise with socialistic measures that should be pure poison to any rational, thinking American. Regardless of race, creed, or color, un-American, anti-constitutionalist “we know better than you” types may be enslaving us all with their rules and regulations.
Thomas Jefferson, an owner of slaves, and opponent of same, opined, “But, as it is, we have the wolf by the ear, and we can neither hold him, nor safely let him go. Justice is in one scale, and self-preservation in the other.” (More reading on Washington and Jefferson’s views:
And also of great historical significance from, and also available at amazon and hopefully your local bookstore, American History in Black and White, by David Barton.)
Many suggest that the Constitution itself is a racist document due to the three fifths clause of Article One, Section Two. Upon review and study of said clause, a true American hero, Frederick Douglas, stated his belief that the Constitution was not racist. (Further reading on this is encouraged. It is found in the aforementioned book by David Barton.)
So, where does this all lead us? The American flag that we know today has had a racist past. The Rebel flag, ditto. To many hate filled white people; both flags are still used as banners to promote a segregationist view. To many hate filled and/or hurt black people; one flag is used to show the hatred and racist past of white people.
What about blacks in the Confederate Army? See
Again, so where does this all lead us? The Rebel flag, as its Federal counterpart, the Stars and Stripes, are both beautiful banners of the United States of America. Both are historical testaments to our nation. Both are filled with good and bad.
And, isn’t that us? We’re all filled with good and evil. It is our Christian duty to strive for the good, knowing full well that we’re more than capable of evil. We’re not sinners because we sin; we sin because we’re sinners (I learned that on Todd Friel’s show “Wretched”). Since our fall in the Garden of Eden, probably due to our gift and curse of free will, we mere mortals have been fighting morality; rationalizing our every move, hoping and praying we’re doing the right thing.
Both sides of the Civil War prayed to the same God. Was it divine intervention that the North finally won the war? The cost of nearly 700,000 souls was a hell of a price to pay. Plus, it took over 100 years to achieve racial equality. When did that war really end? Or, when will it really end?
May America once again deserve God’s blessing.


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